Bookkeeping NC III
2018-08-21 06:30:26

Bookkeeping Essentials
Bookkeeping NC III

Sector East Training Solutions Inc. (SETSI) is a Technical Vocational Institution accredited by TESDA to offer TVET Programs for Bookkeeping NC III.  Our school is located at Sta. Elena, Markina City.


Bookkeeping is the part of accounting that is responsible for capturing and updating financial data. It is an indispensable first step in the accounting process.  Bookkeepers are responsible for the finer details of tracking and managing finances, while accountants focus on the bigger picture of financial management. Accountants design systems for bookkeepers to use and give directions for bookkeepers to follow.

Business owners and anyone engaged in line item budgeting should should have the essential knowledge and skills in the following - journal entry, balancing spreadsheets, and the rudiments of debit and credit concept. 

Program Objectives:

Sector East Training Solutions Inc. (SETSI) is offering a TVET Program for Bookkeeping NC III.

1. Acquire necessary numerical skills for bookkeeping

2. Understand accounting equations and double-entry bookkeeping

3. Must be able to record transactions in the appropriate ledger or journal based on the industry practice.

4. Must be able to balance of ledger accounts.

5. Must be able to prepare balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

Career Tracks:

The demand for bookkeepers is high and on the rise. You have an excellent chance of gaining employment once you complete your qualification. Bookkeepers are wanted everywhere, so if it is your dream to work overseas, you should consider a career in bookkeeping. 

There are also a large variety of industries you can work in as a bookkeeper. Some individuals choose to stick to the world of finance but you can work in retail sectors, healthcare or insurance, the list is endless! 

Learning Investment:

Course Code:   BKP
Program Fee:   PHP 7,500
Class size:        Minimum of 10 students to start class
Inclusions:         Learning materials 
Terms:               Weekly payments


- 2 Copies of passport size picture
- copy of valid ID
- application form

Contact us:

For more information about the program, you may visit our office every Monday to Friday around 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Sector East Training Solutions Inc. (SETSI)
2F, #8 Jacamar Street, Sta. Elena
Marikina City, Philippines 1800

Tel: 02 260 8290
Mob: 0916 337 5200